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5 key traits of effective not-for-profit leaders

Integrity and ethical leadership are the backbones of any not-for-profit organisation. Leaders must practice and promote transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. This builds trust with stakeholders, ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and maintains the organisation’s reputation. 1. Visionary Thinking A visionary leader can articulate a clear and compelling mission, inspiring others to join […]

Forging your legacy: how to cultivate a strong employer brand and company culture

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, developing a robust employer brand and company culture is more vital than ever. A powerful employer brand can be the linchpin in your recruitment efforts, aiding in attracting top-tier talent, fostering employee satisfaction, and bolstering overall productivity. According to a study by LinkedIn (2021), a strong employer brand can […]

The crucial role of situational leadership in complex organisations

The crucial role of situational leadership in complex organisations

Effective leadership hinges on the capacity to utilise a diverse array of styles, adapting them to best suit the prevailing circumstances. Situational leadership emphasises that the ideal leadership approach varies depending on the context, and no single style is universally effective. Global research on leadership styles In his groundbreaking article, “Leadership that Gets Results,” Daniel […]

Unlocking the power of followership: strategies for identifying the types of followers you lead

Unlocking the power of followership: strategies for identifying the types of followers you lead

The modern leadership industry focuses heavily on understanding how great leaders operate, often highlighting topics such as power, popularity, and showmanship. However, leadership cannot exist without followers, and this is where followership comes into play. Followership describes how individuals respond to and interact with their leader and others, and cultivating followership is an essential aspect […]

Authentic Leadership: Fact or Fiction?


A lot has been said about various leadership styles – transformational, situational, charismatic, servant and authentic – and the various pros and cons of each.  Some leadership experts believe that universal leadership is applicable in all situations, while others suggest that leadership behaviours, regardless of style is the best approach. So how does authentic leadership […]

5 tips to unleash your authentic self as a female leader in the workplace

Meritos talking to applicant

Are you true to yourself in the workplace? Do you find yourself trying to live up to the organisation’s norms and expectations in a way that compromises your values? Let’s face it is nothing but exhausting being something we are not! Let’s explore how you can be your authentic self, be a fabulous woman in […]

Why is purpose-driven leadership worth your investment?

In this blog we dive into what exactly is purpose-driven leadership and how leaders can truly benefit from discovering their why. As Mark Twain aptly stated, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. The same could be said for leaders – […]

How to transform your employee performance reviews from painful to painless

As we approach the end of the year, our minds inevitably turn to performance reviews. These conversations are the perfect opportunity for leaders and their teams to connect and review what’s been achieved, however they are often dreaded or seen as simply another administrative task to be completed. Forbes HR Council suggests the negative anticipation […]

How to identify emerging leaders in non-leadership roles

While succession planning is an embedded process in most large organisations, rarely is this extended beyond existing leaders. Research suggests emerging talent is generally the most at risk of leaving if not engaged in the talent planning process. Recent data from Work Institute’s Retention Report estimates that it costs as much as 33% of a […]

3 essential steps to prepare for CEO succession

It is essential for all organisations to ensure their longevity. So as CEO, one of your organisation’s most critical responsibilities is to consider who is going to succeed you. A survey conducted in 2019, revealed that only 35% of organisations had a formalised succession plan in place, which means there are a lot of organisations facing the […]