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Projects, Change
and Transformation Recruitment​

What we know​​

Change and

What we know

Change and Transformation

Our approach to projects, change and transformation recruitment

In an era of rapid change, securing leaders skilled in business transformation and change management is crucial for the timely and effective execution of your projects. Our recruitment approach is designed to find leaders who can both manage current needs and foresee future challenges.

We align closely with your organisational objectives and culture to deliver professionals who are ready to lead your initiatives into the future, ensuring continuous innovation and success in your sector. Our team of recruitment experts brings extensive experience in identifying high-performing professionals and leaders who can meet the evolving needs of your organisation.

Projects, change and transformation roles we recruit for include, but are not limited to:

  • Head of Project Management Office
  • Head of Change
  • Head of Delivery
  • Program Director
  • Portfolio Manager
  • PMO Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Change Manager

Our recruitment team

As an Australian-owned firm, we go beyond the typical consulting experience and work with purpose-driven organisations and leaders to find and develop exceptional talent that will shape a powerful tomorrow.

Managing Partner and Founder

Chris is a people person. He loves uncovering people’s stories, celebrating their achievements and discovering what motivates them. Chris is driven by the desire to help people unleash their potential. Placing the right person in the right job and supporting their career growth is where he finds true satisfaction. This passion plus his entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Meritos, an organisation that’s core purpose is to unleash the potential that exists within us all.

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Our process is meticulously tailored to the unique demands of transformative roles in purpose-driven organisations. It starts with defining key leadership competencies and cultural fit, followed by strategic candidate sourcing, thorough behavioural interviews, psychometric assessments, and rigorous probity checks, ensuring only the best fit for your strategic objectives.

Our recruitment timeline is designed to ensure a thorough search and evaluation process. On average, our recruitment process takes about 7 to 8 weeks. This period includes identifying the ideal candidate profile, conducting an extensive search and screening process, and managing panel interviews, assessments, and probity checks. We also focus on ensuring a smooth offer negotiation and onboarding process to help candidates integrate successfully into your organisation. Specific roles and requirements may affect this timeframe, but our goal is always to deliver exceptional candidates efficiently.

We work closely with your selection committee during the scoping phase to understand your unique organisational culture and values. Our behavioural interviews, psychometric assessments, and panel interviews help evaluate whether candidates align with your company’s culture and leadership style.

We provide deliverables at each stage to keep you informed. This includes the Sourcing Strategy, Success Profile, longlist reports, interview guides, and probity reports, culminating in a final selection report. These ensure transparency and clarity so you can make confident hiring decisions.

Our post-selection support includes offer management, onboarding assistance, and coaching programs to facilitate a smooth transition for your new hire. We also conduct debriefings with unsuccessful candidates to maintain a positive candidate experience and uphold your employer brand.

Yes, our expertise covers both permanent and temporary placements in Projects, Change, and Transformation, ensuring we meet your specific hiring needs efficiently.