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Making a difference: your guide to joining an NFP board

Board Service

The calibre of your leadership team can make or break your organisation’s trajectory, underscoring the importance of making well-informed decisions when it comes to filling crucial leadership roles. In this blog, we’ll delve into these advantages in greater detail and discover how partnering with recruitment experts can propel your organisation towards even greater impact and success.

2024 LinkedIn beginner’s guide: boost your leadership brand

7 ways to plan and achieve your goals for 2023

Are you a seasoned senior leader eager to boost your online presence this year?  In today’s digital landscape, a well-optimised LinkedIn profile is your ticket to success. This guide offers practical strategies to enhance your profile, empowering you to establish a commanding online presence. Understanding the significance of LinkedIn profile optimisation With over 1 billion […]

LinkedIn optimisation step-by-step guide: from setup to stand out

Stepping into the year 2024 highlights the ever-growing importance of nurturing your LinkedIn presence. Social Media Perth has a great resource with the ultimate and up-to-date list of LinkedIn statistics, which reveals LinkedIn’s true power. The platform has 1 billion registered users worldwide and is particularly influential in Australia, boasting 12.7 million profiles and engaging an audience […]

How mentorship and networking shape NFP careers

Three professionals discussing business matters

Networking and mentorship stand as powerful engines driving career success. They also serve as strategic keys to unlocking opportunities and fostering career growth within the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector. The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) registered more than 57,000 NFP organisations as of 2022, reflecting the NFP sector’s dynamic and expansive nature. Amidst this richness […]

Enhancing your recruitment strategy with purposeful psychometric assessments

Recruitment Strategy using Psychometric Assessments

In today’s highly competitive job market, organisations must utilise effective recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent. One such method is the incorporation of psychometric assessments in the hiring process. These assessments not only help you identify the right candidate for the job but also foster a purposeful and transparent recruitment process. In this […]

5 tips to unleash your authentic self as a female leader in the workplace

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Are you true to yourself in the workplace? Do you find yourself trying to live up to the organisation’s norms and expectations in a way that compromises your values? Let’s face it is nothing but exhausting being something we are not! Let’s explore how you can be your authentic self, be a fabulous woman in […]

7 ways to plan and achieve your goals for 2023

7 ways to plan and achieve your goals for 2023

As we wrap up this year, celebrate our achievements and look ahead to 2023 – what would you like to accomplish? 1. Revisit last year’s goals Did you achieve them? Are they still relevant or is it time for a change of plan? 2. Redefine what are your goals Do you still want the same […]

Eight simple resume tips to make you stand out

make your resume stand out

One of the most gruelling tasks when finding a new job is writing up a resume, but more importantly, how do you write a resume that can stand out and increase your chances of landing that interview among fellow applicants vying for the same job? A recent 2022 survey found on average only 10% of […]

How to plan a great career at any age or stage

Planning your career is not something you should set and forget. It is an important part of any stage in your life or career and can help drive your next promotion, the leadership opportunity you’ve been chasing or to make a complete career shift. Career planning is the continuous process of proactively managing and mapping […]

How to ensure your digital footprint enhances not hinders your career

What digital footprint are you leaving behind? With most of the world active across various social media platforms and online networking sites, it can be easy to forget that what you put online about yourself leaves an impression that can be difficult to erase. So, if you’re ready to jump into a new role, shift […]