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World Vision Australia is a Christian organisation that works with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.
Our mission

Our mission is to be a Christian organisation that engages people to eliminate poverty and its causes.

Our values

The values of World Vision Australia are at the core of all that we, as an organisation, do. Our commitment to applying the values to the way we work makes us unique amongst other, similar, aid and development INGOs.

  • We are Christian
  • We are committed to the poor
  • We value people
  • We are stewards
  • We are partners
  • We are responsive
To read more about World Vision Australia’s mission and values, click here.

World Vision Australia's commitment

World Vision Australia has committed to five strategic priorities for FY21-22 to provide the focus we need to successfully navigate through this challenging period and deliver on our promise to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Harness our Christian identity
Collaborating with Christian communities and faith leaders to bring hope and positive change to those we serve.
Lead with impact 

Clearly demonstrating to our donors and partners the breadth and depth of our work with vulnerable communities and the difference we are making together.

Build a sustainable core business 

Acquiring and retaining more regular donors in the most cost-effective ways.

Grow high value funding 

Building sustainable partnerships with philanthropists and institutional donors and connecting them to our programs that align with their interests and priorities.

Reinvent child sponsorship at the centre of a digital ecosystem 

Completing the build of a fully digital supporter experience that meets child sponsors’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

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