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Eliza Deitch


Eliza Deitch is a highly motivated and passionate professional who is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of human resources. As a recent graduate in Human Resources, Eliza has a strong foundation of knowledge that she brings to the field. Her love for data and finding efficient and impactful solutions is what drives her to succeed.

Eliza is an Associate in the People Experience Advisory practice at Meritos. In this role, she helps organisations build high-performing teams and drives sustainable growth through their number one resource, people. Eliza’s expertise in human resources allows her to create positive, ethical, and inclusive workplaces that benefit both the employees and the organisation.

Eliza’s passion for human resources is evident in her commitment to both her personal and professional development. She believes that continuous learning and growth are essential to staying current and effective in the industry. Eliza recently graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resource Management from the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Eliza’s commitment to creating positive change extends beyond her work in human resources. Eliza is a senior member of her rugby club and was a part of the clubs’ inaugural women’s team in 2022. Team sports has always been a passion of hers. Beyond the fun and camaraderie, team sports teach discipline, communication, collaboration, resilience, and perseverance, all of which are valuable lessons that can be applied to many other areas of life.

As a universal blood donor, Eliza is deeply committed to donating blood and feels a responsibility as she’s aware of the potential impact her donation can have on the lives of others.

She believes in promoting women’s rights and equality through education and awareness, and uses LinkedIn as a platform to share her message and spark conversations. By highlighting achievements, discussing gender bias, and sharing resources, Eliza hopes to inspire positive change and create a more equitable world.