What we do

What we do

Executive search

Experts in sourcing Board, C-level and executive talent that create sustained and positive impacts within your organisation.

Our approach to executive search

At Meritos, our executive recruiters are specialists in attracting and assessing highly skilled leaders for executive positions in your organisation using a search strategy that will meet your current and future organisational objectives.

Our expert executive recruiters have developed a proven search methodology that achieves diversity outcomes, is data-driven, cost-effective, and demonstrates good governance.

The senior level leaders and senior executives we source are adaptable, innovative and will demonstrate the values that align with your organisation’s goals and culture. 

We recognise that today's fast-paced and dynamic environment with a global scope demands a new kind of senior executive.


We work with you to define the senior executive role requirements and determine what are the optimal attributes and qualifications of the ideal candidate you need.

market research

Our team identifies and targets relevant talent pools (people and organisations) who demonstrate the attributes and experience you need within your organisation.

& selection

We use a range of industry leading assessment tools and metrics to align your needs against a senior executive to create a sustained and positive impact within your organisation.


We provide dedicated support to effectively onboard your new senior executives both professionally and emotionally to ensure successful integration into your organisation.

Executive recruitment offerings

Our vision is to support every person and organisation to achieve their human potential. We go beyond the typical consulting experience: we empower people and organisations to create a stronger future.



We are experts in the sectors we represent. Our team is purpose-driven to ensure our pool of candidates are naturally motivated by the same sense of why as your organisation.

We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships and our extensive experience in talent development focuses on improving productivity, enhancing culture and growing high performing leaders in your organisation.

& collaborative

Our priority is building long-term relationships. We are a highly connected team with an extensive network that allows you and your organisation access to a diverse, well-credentialed and capable pool of candidates. Our experience in a wide range of corporations means we’ve been where you’re standing now. Our collaborative approach not only supports business results but will provide you with advice on future skills, capabilities and opportunities.


We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional candidate experience and enhancing your employer brand within the market. We tailor solutions for our clients and ensure customisation is integral to our processes. We use innovative and contemporary recruitment technologies in the delivery of our executive search services and offer a range of services and solutions to the challenges you may be facing now and in the future.

Diversity &
inclusion advocates

We are ardent advocates for diversity and inclusion in all workplaces and value diversity in every sense, including in thought and perspective, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation and belief systems.

We believe a diverse pool of candidates is integral to increasing your organisation’s productivity, creativity and loyalty and this diversity can provide new ideas and opportunities.

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