5 top tips to be a hybrid-working champion

The disruptive and unprecedented nature of Covid-19 has transformed traditional work contexts and created an opportunity for flexibility and change. 2020 rapidly accelerated our understanding and adoption of remote working. It is clear now that there are a range of hybrid working environments that have begun to emerge, which require us to reimagine where and […]

How to be a more visible, influential and valuable leader

For the past few weeks, conversations with my clients, peers and friends in leadership have been ongoing: some in a coaching capacity, many seeking HR advice, and others simply for interpersonal reflection and mutual support. Normally each call would be unique to the person or business, but beyond business continuity and shifting operating models, I now […]

Communication. What’s the fuss all about?

Have you checked in recently with your communication efforts? Are you having communication breakdowns with colleagues or staff? Sometimes we lose focus on a fundamental thing that can make or break a workplace: communication. According to US firm Gartner, research revealed that up to 70% of poor business decisions or mistakes are due to ineffective […]