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Brightlight is an investment management firm committed to delivering world-class solutions for values-led investors.

We build portfolios and products across the responsible, ethical and impact investment spectrum to positively transform lives.

Our approach to investing is centred on a fundamental belief that capital markets have the power to unlock economic value while also achieving deep social and environmental impact.

With a unique combination of investment expertise, international reach, and in-depth sector knowledge, Brightlight equips investors with purpose-built solutions to deliver on their values and help advance a more socially and environmentally just world.


Brightlight's purpose

We exist to transform lives through purposeful investing. We provide scalable investment solutions to help our value-led investors achieve our shared goal of a more socially and environmentally just world. 


Our purpose is to improve lives from situations of deprivation to sustainable human flourishing. We want to help reduce inequality and empower underserved communities to improve their quality of life. 


We strive to allocate capital to purposeful organisations that meet the greatest needs for meaningful work and provide products and services that lead to the greatest human flourishing. 


To enable significant movement of capital and create access to a broader range of impact investment opportunities. We want to build a world where everyone can invest with their values and see real, positive change in the world. 

Brightlight at a glance

22 investment professionals across Australia, the United States and New Zealand.
Over 15 years at the frontline of values-based and impact investing.
A team with deep experience in ethical, responsible and impact investments managing multi-billion-dollar portfolios totaling over $17 billion under prior management.
$300 million directed into high impact investments across 8 different governance jurisdictions, 25+ funds and 500+ underlying portfolio companies.

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