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Yvonne this content needs work - what specific problem do we solve for them? Like how do we make their organisation thrive and grow with our expertise??? Can you let me know your thoughts please 🙂 Current content: Meritos exists to empower people and organisations so they can create a stronger future. Our expert consulting solutions shape purpose-driven organisations so talent can thrive. To us, working as a partnership is great, but working as a part of you is even better. Working as a part of your team means that success for you, is success for us. 
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Empower your team with our People and Culture solutions

Our People & Culture Consulting Practice delivers a range of human resource solutions focused on developing high performing leaders, improving productivity, enhancing culture and supporting wellbeing within your organisation.  
We are passionate about developing leaders to support creating high performing teams.  Our belief is effective leadership is integral to increasing an organisation’s productivity, creativity, and loyalty.
We create partnerships with organisations that build trust, provide confidence, and deliver the best people experience outcomes for our clients.
Our team have a growth mindset, with a focus on achieving practical and business orientated outcomes that directly link to positive actions.  A key to our successful partnership and delivering effective solutions is an understanding of organisational culture in conjunction with business objectives.

Our People and Culture solutions


We believe that self-aware leaders are able to lead themselves, others and their organisations more effectively. 

Our approach is to develop these characteristics in your leaders while also understanding your organisational context, culture and strategic business priorities to ensure maximum impact and sustained growth and change.


Human centred design is key to achieving cultural transformation. To achieve this, we use Human Synergistics Circumplex.

The power of the Circumplex is found in its integrated, multi-level set of measures, as well as the provision of a common language that people can use to describe and transform the cultures of their organisation.

Coaching & 360 feedback

We understand that effective individuals are aware of how their thinking influences their ‘take on life’ and the impact their behaviour can have on those around them.

Providing feedback to your employees is an important part of developing their effectiveness and why we use the Human Synergistics tools in partnership with coaching to achieve the best results for each individual.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our approach focuses on supporting your organisation to transform from compliance-based to diversity and inclusion as a strategic business advantage. 

We will lead your organisations through assessing their current state, designing pragmatic programs and interventions and embedding diversity into policies, processes and practices.  

Human Resources

We understand that having the right fundamental frameworks in place for your organisation will set you up for success.  

Our approach is to partner with you to create tailored frameworks that are employee centred, strategic and results focused.  


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