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Our top tips to update your LinkedIn profile

Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison
Written on the 21 June 2021

The days of a static and standalone resume on LinkedIn are long gone. The platform is where Facebook and Instagram were years ago and the ability to reach, connect and impact is still very much achievable. Social Media Perth has a great resource with the ultimate and up-to-date list of LinkedIn statistics, which reveals LinkedIn’s true power.

The platform has 660 million registered users worldwide and around 300 million active users on a monthly basis, with 90 million of these users senior-level influencers and 63 million in decision-making positions. The year 2021 is a new frontier of work where virtual meetings and online networking has flourished, your LinkedIn profile is now (more than ever) critical to your presence in the workforce.

Let’s jump in with how to update your profile and tackle the latest LinkedIn updates so you can maximise your influence with this important and powerful resource and tool.


Your profile is still key – let’s give it a shine

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, updating your profile regularly is critical (check out our 2019 and 2020 tips and tricks too). Most people are continually achieving in their daily lives so keeping track of a new skill, latest course or a major win should be going straight to LinkedIn.

Clear and professional profile picture

Your profile picture is really important so don’t be shy, make sure a professional and clear photo of yourself exists on your profile. A profile with a photo is actually viewed 21 times more than one without, so this alone could increase your presence and reach.

Standout headline

Next on your profile, is the headline, which sits just under your name. This is an under-utilised opportunity and one where you can ensure your copy is easily searchable by using relevant and popular keywords. Late last year, LinkedIn increased the character count from 120 to 220 in your headline, which gives you the chance to include more than just your actual position. Have fun expanding and exploring your skills in the headline to enhance your searchability on the platform.

Featured section

LinkedIn also introduced another great feature, . This area, found underneath About on your profile, allows you to showcase your work, featured posts you’ve written, images, documents and links. There is no limit to how much you showcase and the ability to curate and promote your best work is now front and centre on your profile.

This is a picture of the featured section of LinkedIn

Open to work

If you’re looking for work or open to work, another great new LinkedIn function is the ability to add a frame around your profile pic that says “open to work”. Not only is it visually attractive but it ensures you can be traced better in searches from Human Resource and Recruitment/Talent Acquisition professionals. To add this frame, click “open to” under your profile pic and then select “show recruiters you’re open to work”.

Help others pronounce your name correctly

If your name is hard to pronounce or often mispronounced, LinkedIn has a clever function that allows you to record the correct pronunciation of your name for others to listen to.

Professional URL

Now to give your LinkedIn profile that final shine by ensuring you have a professional URL. This is a URL that only has your name in the link and not a stream of random numbers or letters. These quick fixes make it easier to locate and access you, which will always help enhance your profile and reach.


Create and curate your content

Content marketing is key to increasing your profile and influence within your professional networks. Creating consistent, ongoing and valuable information is the most efficient and effective way to improve your online presence and allows for more meaningful connections. These meaningful connections alongside consistent and relevant content will strengthen your personal brand and increase your professional credibility. The best thing is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, instead write your own LinkedIn articles that solve problems that you and your colleagues have faced or tell the story of how you overcame a significant professional challenge. It’s important to be yourself and be dynamic as this allows others to relate to you and stay interested.

Use hashtags

Make sure you optimise your posts with hashtags and include other connections and companies that are involved in your article to spread the word. Share quality content that means something to you and may help others in your network too.

Create videos

Creating videos to share on LinkedIn is another opportunity to maximise your profile and generate engaging content. Plus, videos are favoured by LinkedIn’s algorithm, “dwell time”. Videos often make people dwell on your post longer, which pushes your content up higher next time you post as it is seen as more valuable. Make sure you caption your videos as the majority of people listen on silent (there are some great apps that can do this for you). While you’re at it, why not share some of your short videos on LinkedIn stories.

Utilise stories and polls

Stories is only available on the mobile app but allows you to easily share your experiences and insights and potentially build more meaningful connections with your professional community. You can also create polls to learn more about your LinkedIn audience and engage with them in a different and unexpected way.


Utilise LinkedIn’s learning resource hub

LinkedIn has evolved significantly in the past 12 months and its ability to increase your profile and influence in your professional community is powerful. To keep track of new features and learn more about LinkedIn’s functions, visit their Learning Resource Hub. It is packed full of useful blogs, webcasts, reports and infographics to suit any type of learning preferences plus there are more than 16,000 expert-led online courses and video tutorials.


Show up every day

Less than 1% of LinkedIn’s worldwide community actually post or share content regularly. This provides a unique opportunity, that no other social media platform can provide, to maximise your profile and influence on your professional community. Show up every day, even for 10 minutes to connect with your network and create or share valuable information.

As we continue to online network, your LinkedIn profile will be key to representing who you are. This powerful resource and tool is packed full of opportunity and with some clever new features can transform your profile and influence in 2021.

Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison is the founder and Director of Meritos, an executive search and recruitment business working with purpose-driven organisations. If you're interested in connecting with Chris, you can find him on LinkedIn here. You can also reach him on 02 8000 7121 or via email at [email protected]
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